What you are about to watch is the right way to brand yourself in the Network Marketing industry. My good friend Bryan Cornell executed a very powerful explanation on how to brand yourself. If you are a serious home based business enthusiast, before you watch this video, open up your word pad for note taking. The three principles of internet marketing and network marketing is learn, apply then teach.

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“I’ll see you at the top ’cause the bottom is getting way too crowded at the bottom.”

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I realize not everyone understands how this industry works. Let's face it, we ALL learn daily but here's the thing.

Be yourself.
Be authentic.
Be transparent.

You don't have to market to everyone.

Pick a niche, master it, and the "right" people will resonate with you. Now you have a "long-term" business relationship that will help build residual for you and "them."

- The Real Chad Cook aka The Blogfather

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"No weapon formed against you shall prosper, and every tongue which rises against you in judgement you shall condemn. The is the heritage of the servants of the Lord, and their righteousness is from Me," says the Lord.

There is something to be said for surviving. Survivors make it through what kills others. Survivors live to fight another day. Survivors keep dreaming even when the odds are stacked against them. Survivors don't know the meaning of the word quit. Never forget this fact: you are a survivor.

Regardless of how you feel or what your condition is, you are still alive, and you are still here. That makes you a survivor. But here is something you must know: the enemy really does not care if you survive as long as your dream does not. If you live unfulfilled, unhappy, and dreamless, the enemy is given much joy. Not only must you survive, but also your dream has to live right along with you.

In this article, I want to equip you with the necessary tools you will need to survive the attack of any and all dream killers in your life. This is a literal guide empowering you to overcome. If you will put these principles into action, you will see your God-given dreams manifest into reality.

Remember, the enemy does not care if you survive as long as your dream does not.

Prepare to discover that God's Word is absolutely true. What was spoken through His prophet Isaiah in the quote as the beginning of this article works in your life. Isn't that scripture just awesome? Pay really close attention to what it says: "No weapon formed." In other words, you cannot be surprised when weapons are formed.

As a believer and great dreamer, it is a given that the enemy, Satan, will form weapons against you. It goes with the territory.

Dream killers also form weapons, and that is another conclusion. Where faith kicks in is when you know that the enemies of your dreams can form any and all weapons against you they desire. They can create them and even launch them. But your promise is this: no weapon shall prosper!

That's good news!

When you live your life by principles, you are creating the atmosphere for success and victory to manifest. The word principle is an amazing word in my opinion. The Mac dictionary defines principle in a powerful way: "a fundamental truth or proposition that serves as the foundation for a system of belief or behavior or for a chain of reasoning."

Living the principled life means that there are certain beliefs and behaviors that you apply to your everyday life. The principled life is a disciplined life. It's not always the easiest life, but it is the life that will produce the manifestation of your greatest dreams.

For the rest of this article I'm going to give you power principles that will help you see your dream become a reality. This is the article that your dream killer wishes you would not read.

Seven Power Principles

1. Understand the necessity of flexibility.

Sometimes your greatest ability is flexibility. However, one of the most effective dream killers is inflexibility.

In life, and in the pursuit of your dream, you have to be willing to bend. If you are not willing to bend, then go ahead and be prepared, for you will certainly break. People who are inflexible often major in the minors and minor in the majors. They get so caught up in the moment or in their own opinions or ideas. Inflexible people lose sight of the bigger picture.

The most inflexible people always kill their own dreams. Now this next statement is something you cannot afford to ignore, because this is a true revelation of the origin of inflexibility: inflexibility has its foundation in pride.

I mentioned pride briefly in the last article, but let me add here that the Bible says in Proverbs 16:18, "Pride goes before destruction." It is the predecessor of great problems. The most inflexible people are filled with excessive pride. When someone is filled with pride, they see themselves and their opinions as the center of the universe. One of the solutions to some of your most intense problems is learning to be flexible and adaptable.

Being flexible does not mean that you compromise your dream; it means you are doing what it takes to make sure your dream comes into fruition.

Never undervalue flexibility. Businesses fail, churches close, marriages crumble, and relationships are lost because of the culprit of inflexibility. Don't allow inflexibility to kill your dream.

Flexible people don't break under pressure; they bend. Flexible people bounce back. Flexible people see their dreams come true.

2. Be motivated by faith rather than imprisoned by fear.

Fear is one of the most successful dream killers known to man. When you live your life motivated by fear, you will never see the fulfillment of your big dreams. Without question, a great dream will require you to overcome fear.

First, fear paralyzes a person in their problem. People who are imprisoned by fear are usually stuck in their situation and unable to move forward. If you allow yourself to be imprisoned by where you are, you will never get to where God has called you to go. Your dream requires motion and movement.

It's important for you to not allow yourself to be paralyzed by fear. Your Next Level hinges on stepping out in faith, and stepping out requires movement.

  • Make the call.
  • Start your business.
  • Apply for the job.
  • Get the degree.
  • Start the relationship.

Whatever your dream is, it's time to overcome fear and get moving!

Second, fear will cause you to become comfortable and accepting of the status quo. Fear will cause you to think that you could never achieve or be more, and where you are is just fine. But God doesn't give you dreams that are status quo; you do that just fine all by yourself.

When God gives a dream, there is always something wonderful and unusual attached to it. You serve a boundless, limitless, infinite God. Why would He give you dreams that are just status quo? Living the status quo life says, "Don't rock the boat. Don't make any changes, and don't attempt anything new or different." Who wants to live like that? Not me! But many wind up doing it.

Being imprisoned by the status quo is an incredible dream killer, and don't you forget it.

The very fact that you're reading this article tells me that you have been called by God to do great things. It tells me that you have big dreams and you are called to live beyond mediocrity. In order to break the status quo off your life and realize your dream, you are going to be required to take initiative right where you are. Don't allow fear of not doing the right thing cause you to do nothing!

You may be thinking, "What if I fail?" And my answer to that questions is to tell you that a big part of prevailing is failing. Don't overreact to failure. You learn to succeed by failing! Your success is often wrapped up in failure.

Don't allow yourself to become comfortable and accepting of the status quo. Your dream invites you to be so much more.

Third, fear causes you to resist change. Change often requires you to step out into the unknown. Change is a reality that everyone must deal with. Great dreamers who do great things have learned to embrace seasons of change.

Big dreams require big change. You can fret over change, you can fear change, and you can even fight change. But on thing you cannot do -- you cannot stop change.

Decide right now to refuse to be imprisoned by fear!

"For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind. - 2 Timothy 1:7"

Realize that God never gave you fear. God gives FAITH! Fear has a source, and faith has a source. Fear comes from the enemy; faith comes from God.

There are times when it seems very intense and that your dream will never come true, times when you wonder if you have enough faith. Let me put your mind at ease. You do. But read this very closely: you have all you need, and you will need all you have!

There will be times when you have to access all the faith you have inside you to move forward into God's great dream for your life. But it's there; you just need to use it! Be motivated by faith rather than imprisoned by fear. You kill the dream killer of fear when you operate in faith.

3. Get over what's over.

I know I talk about getting past the past in this article. But I just want to remind you, get over what's over.

Part of your breakthrough is learning how to get through.

You must never allow the past to become shackles that hold you from your future. It really pays to move on. This is a lesson I had to learn in life the hard way. Let whatever is over be over. It is freeing. Let it be over for others, and let it be over for yourself.

Understand that, when you live in the bitterness of then, you miss the blessing of now and forfeit the breakthrough of what's next. Part of your breakthrough is learning how to get through.

The greatest revenge you can do about regret is to move forward and fulfill your dream! Let all the people you have imprisoned in the cage of your mind go free. When you set them free, it will set you free!

4. Turn your obstacles into opportunities.

This is so important! One of the greatest keys to surviving the obstacles that rise up and try to kill your dreams is to view them differently. Begin to see obstacles as opportunities. When you do this, you are on the path to success.

There will always be obstacles to contend with as you pursue your God-given dreams. A real key is to begin to see your obstacles the way God sees them. In order to do this, you must see with eyes of faith. Many in the Bible did, and because they did, they saw great dreams manifest.

5. Never quit on your dream.

Quitting is the ultimate dream killer. No dream that was quit on ever came true. When you quit on a dream, you have unleashed finality in your life. When you quit, you are declaring, "it's over. I'm through and my dream is done." In order to see your dreams come true, you are going to have to purpose something very powerful in your own mind and heart: quit quitting.

In the most intense times you must learn how to persevere and refuse to give up on your dreams. Let me give you a few incentives that will inspire you not to quit on your dreams no matter what.

The pain you're in now is nothing compared to the pain of quitting.

The pain you are facing right now does not even come close to the pain of quitting. I think to live with the pain of what might have been or what could have been far exceeds the pain of quitting. If you quit on your dream, you will always wonder what if?

You're probably thinking, "What if my dream doesn't come true?" My question to you is... what if it does?

Vince Lombardi said, "Once you learn to quit, it becomes a habit."

Never allow yourself to develop the habit of quitting. Have you ever known people who seemed to be addicted to quitting? You must never let that become you.

Refuse to allow your mentality to become on of a quitter. In my life and business I have wrestled many times with wanting to quit. But I did not, because it's not who I want to be, nor is it who God has called me to be.

God has not called you to be a quitter either. A god-birthed dream will require you to get addicted to trying, not quitting.

Try again.
Try something different.
Try to never stop trying.
Trying is habit-forming; get hooked on trying, and you will see your dreams come to pass!

The only thing that will guarantee your dream will die is quitting.

Once you quit, your dream is dead. But as long as you are still trying, your dream is alive. If you are reading this article and are thinking, "It's too late; I have already killed my dream because I quit," I want to tell you what I believe. I believe the Lord is allowing you to read this article at this exact moment because it is time to give your dream another shot.

When you make up your mind to do that, you are breathing new life into your dream and resuscitating your God-ordained destiny.

Losers quit when they are tired; winners quit when the job is done.
Don't allow being tired to cause you to quit. My parents is amazing people. They worked for themselves for many years barely making it but they followed their purpose. One of the things my dad use to say is, "I would rather wear out than rust out!" Quite honestly, you don't have to wear out than rust out. God is full of grace, and He will give you peace and strength to not quit.

Use wisdom, rest, revive, and rejuvenate, but whatever you do, mighty dreamer, don't quit! You are a winner, and winners do get tired; they just don't quit.

"Doing nothing will kill your dream every time."

Your dreams will come to pass when you defeat the dream killer of quitting. The enemy is frustrated with many of you right now as you read this article. You have decided, "Today is the day I QUIT QUITTING!"

6. Go from dreaming to doing.

It is amazingly important that your dreams don't die because you did nothing to ensure that they would come to pass. Doing nothing will kill your dream every time.

You must do something. It's not enough to be a great dreamer; you must also become a great doer. If all you ever do is dream but never do, you are fooling yourself.

The graveyard is full of great dreams. I say that because I'm sure there have been many people who have had amazing dreams, but when they died, their dreams died along with them. All because they never moved from dreaming to doing. Don't take your dreams to the grave with you. Do everything God has called you to do in this life!

You must take action, produce, and perform in order for your dreams to become reality!

7. Apply the six principles you just learned!

During the process of pursuing your dream you must apply each one of these principles. When you do, you will see your dreams become reality. God will give you the victory, and He will get the glory!

Let's pray together on this Power Prayer.

Pray with me now:

Father God, You are the great dream giver. Thank You for my dreams. Thank You that I have all I need to bring to pass the dream You gave me.

Lord, please enable me to be flexible in difficult times. Cause me to see bigger picture and never to be bound by pride.

Precious Lord, help me to be motivated by faith rather than imprisoned by fear. My faith honors You, Mighty God. In hard times, may I continually walk by faith and not by sight.

Mighty Redeemer, help me to get over what's over. Never allow me to hold anything from the past that would hinder Your work in me today or sabotage my dreams for tomorrow.

Strength-giving Jesus, I bless Your name and declare that I do not quit. I confess in faith that I will pursue and press on in Your power to see the dream You have given me manifest. I shall run and not grow weary; I shall walk and not faint.

God of all times, Thank You for the ability not just to dream the dream but also to do the dream. I will not miss out on my dream becoming a reality because I would not be a doer. Lord I will perform and produce the dream, and I thank You that You will perform and produce Your word. These all will come together.

Then the unstoppable and supernatural manifestation of my dreams will take place. The power of every dream killer in my life is broken in the mighty name of Jesus!

Thank You, Lord, that the dream and the dreamer not only survive but also thrive!

I apply these principles and move forward in victory. I now anticipate the mighty fulfillment of my dreams! In Jesus's might name, amen!


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Thanks for reading and remember to share this to possibly save someone from being their own Dream Killer and allow them to go to The Next Level.


"I'll see you at the top 'cause the bottom is getting too crowded."

- The Real Chad Cook aka The Blogfather

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When you see all the pieces come together and your dream finally manifests into reality, it's an awesome feeling. Imagine a day when the abstract makes contact. Nothing compares to seeing hope and a dream that you have held onto for years become tangible and touchable in your life. When all the years of transition finally come together to make sense, all the changes and adjustments were just transitions to position. And it's at that moment you must ask yourself some honest questions:

Am I delivered from all unforgiveness, bitterness, and offense? What about the bitterness against the people who tried to derail my dream and assassinate my assignment? Do I have the need to succeed just to show those who despised my dream how great I really was all along but they were just too shallow and unspiritual to realize it? Am I looking for a chance to say, "I told you so!"? Or am I thankful?

Am I so thankful that I have no temperament whatsoever to boast in my own greatness and in myself? Do I have so little to prove that I can close my mouth and let the dream do the talking? Am I delivered from pride? The pressing question that demands to be answered is this: My dream is delivered, but am I?

One of the first things to be delivered from is pride. Pride is dangerous, because pride is to the dreamer what fire is to a dry forest. Just as a fire consumes everything in a forest, so pride consumes everything -- the dream and the dreamer.

I have found the truest test of a man's character is not revealed in how he fails but in how he succeeds. Some folks succeed, and it changes them so much they're not even the same people anymore. In the big picture, it is better to be a kind failure than a hateful success.

You need to strive to succeed, but as you go higher, become kinder, more approachable, and filled with greater compassion. Remember this: people who are intimidators eventually wind up alone.

There are several factors that causes blindness to prevent people going to the next level. One being blinded by shame. A lot of times, the yesterday's haunt their today's! The ghost of the past blinds them to the promise of the present or future. They will carry their guilt of their past into their present season, and because of that they missed the answer that stood right in front of their eyes.

The process of the dream can take years to manifest. It can be a grueling, difficult, and a demanding season. It is filled with strife, conflict, character assassination, dream killers, rejection, and sorrow. The pain of the process eases when the purpose of the process unfolds.

Remember to start planting your seeds now even during the process so that your next season will harvest into what you manifested.

You will rejoice when it comes and when the fulfillment arrives. But in the process, don't become bitter. When the dream is delivered, so should you be. Recognize God's favor and forgive during the journey, not when it ends.

Don't give up, look up! God's plans for you are wrapped up in your dreams... so get busy! You're going to the Next Level!


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"I'll see you at the top 'cause the bottom is getting too crowded."

- The Real Chad Cook aka The Blogfather


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Funnyman, Jim Carrey gives a moving commencement speech on how his father inspired him to follow his dream. [ MUST WATCH ]

I am a huge fan of inspirational videos. When I saw this, I knew that I had to share it. The words spoken by Jim Carrey are so understated. Definitely worth it to hear again because we all need to be reminded of this.

What would you be doing now if you had no fear? Comment below!

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